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It’s different because it has actionable trades consistently from different traders with different styles. There’s something for everyone. But above all else it’s simple strategies and simple trades that can be useful for beginners all the way up to professionals. No egos, no assholes, no confusing ideas or illiquid pumps. Everyone’s super helpful and nice.


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For the amount of days I've been in the room - First of, every member is helpful and nice to each other. The technical knowledge is beyond par from what I've seen in the past and I follow the gurus. If there is something I like and I run it by mods and talk through them if I need to and I get feedback etc... I've seen you(@TBI), @GP or @Random_Trader take time to answer questions the individual has not just for charts but more. Everyone has their own mantra for trading but love the positive vibes here and all are good in the room. If some individual has challenges on managing trades or are emotionally attached, mods help them. Mods don't manage others accounts but offer suggestions and how the individual can do better. I see what you've been doing lately, TBI, and I love that. Being conservative and doing more spreads, shares – that’s awesome way to minimize risk of capital loss during this choppy market lately.”

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Awesome group of friendly traders posting not only their own trades but also informative charts and mkt insight that help experienced traders as well as those new to the market. Great place to pick up trading tips and new ideas with no big egos and a nice bit of humor to help make the trading days more productive as well as enjoyable. Nice variety of trading styles to follow and learn from. Lots of longer term swings as well as shorter weekly and day trade scalps on both stocks and options.” --


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The experience, impartial, and thought-provoking discussions in our chatroom are experiences every trader must enjoy. 360 Trading View sets itself apart from other trading rooms with teamwork and depth of financial market knowledge. Anyone I would recommend will know how special it is to be a part of our cherished group; many of whom been trading together for several years, it’s a team environment”


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360 Trading View is an ideal fit for Traders of all levels, from Beginners to Veterans. The continuous learning and cross-collaboration with other traders provide an environment for those wanting a greater understanding of trading strategies or market mechanics. The group founders provide quality alerts, analytics, and different levels of risk ideas on a consistent basis which are key advantages and sets this channel apart from others. It is these qualities in aggregate that makes this room work for traders like myself. I highly recommend giving 360 Trading View an opportunity to work for you.


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Hi TBI.. I am not sure how to thank enough on how you helped me to get big profits from last 4 weeks.. I have gone through rough 1 year where I lost almost everything. Exactly 4 weeks ago I decided to start with 20k port (as a last hope) by just following your trades ( I took profits and reentered on dips ) and now my account closed at 65k in just one month. Though I made some mistakes by not holding some of trades long enough to gain more profits and played some silly or lottos where I lost them but, still  I am really happy with where I am today compared to month ago. You are amazing bro..


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