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Unlocking Level 9

Today, I'll celebrate 9 years since I found StockTwits. Thousands of posts over the years and a journey I never thought would happen is what has transpired. For those who are just starting off their journey or perhaps mid-way, I thought I’ll share the journey I went through.

Here are my 9 levels.

Level 1 - Cultivate and Curate. Just because you are online does not mean there aren't real people on the other side. I've made some incredible friends on here, got mentorship that's the bedrock for what you see today. Found my business partners here, people who I think most people would learn a ton from, I'm constantly learning from them.

Level 2 - Put up a damn Avatar, it's community-friendly.

Level 3 - Keep an open mind to all points of view. Remember, life is like a chart, you gather years of knowledge, which then helps you get to the next stage of your breakout. Why can't we be the real 100000% winners in our lifetimes?

Level 4 - Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's really that simple. You don't ask, you won't learn.

Level 5 - Be mindful and appreciative of other people's time. Come to the party with some knowledge. Google and YouTube have a wealth of information. Do the work!

Level 6 - Turn off the news during trading hours. There's enough stuff going while the markets are open, you don't need further distractions.

Level 7 - Charts are not magic, but perfectly capture the absurdity of what we do as humans. There's nothing more intriguing to me. The better you understand this, the more powerful your reading abilities will be.

Level 8 - Step away from the screens. It's good for your eyes, mind, and patience.

Level 9 - Be Kind, to others and especially yourself. The markets are evolving constantly, mistakes will always be made, why are you beating yourself up for it? Learn from it, adapt and crush it until the next mistake. Rinse and repeat.

Pass it forward, help folks who are just starting off, remember you were in their position when you started.

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